Head Start State Supplement Grants

Program Description: The Head Start State Supplement is administered through DPI. The program provides a Head Start experience to preschool children who would otherwise be on waiting lists to receive the federal Head Start program.

Who is Eligible to Apply: Authorized Wisconsin Head Start Agencies.

Amount of Funds Available: Approximately $6,250,000

Application Due Date: July 7, 2014

For more information, contact:

Jill Haglund, Early Childhood Consultant
Office of Early Learning
Phone: 608-267-9625
Email: jill.haglund@dpi.wi.gov


Steve Kretzmann, Education Specialist
Content and Learning Team
Phone: 608-267-9278
Email: stephen.kretzmann@dpi.wi.gov

Other Information and Resources:

For questions about this information, contact Jill Haglund (608) 267-9625